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Digital Privacy and Borders Searches

Darren Chaker Looks at Digital Privacy, at the Border and How Courts Find Fourth Amendment Does Not Apply As a privacy advocate and counterforensic expert,...

Counter-Forensic Sanctions

Darren Chaker notes window washing may be harmful to your case. In  Ameriwood ind., Inc. v. Liberman, 2007 WL 5110313 (E.D. Mo. July 3, 2007)Where...

Foreign Encryption Products

  Bruce Schreiner research on foreign encryption products. worldwide-survey-of-encryption-productsDownload

Fifth Amendment and Passwords

Fifth-Amendment-Password As a privacy advocate, Darren Chaker found forcing to disclose a password to bypass encryption often violates the Fifth Amendment, since compelling the Defendant...

Border Search of Computer by Darren Chaker

  Article by Darren Chaker about border checkpoints Darren Chaker looks at the Fourth Amendment’s border search exception, permitting warrantless and suspicionless “routine” searches of...

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