Darren Chaker admits that it is commonly known jail is the end result for most who are arrested. The officer arresting the suspect provides an initial search, while the jail conducts a far more intrusive search in a controlled setting.

Most often a “partial strip search” (i.e., with the prisoner clothed in his boxer shorts only) of a male prisoner by a female detentions cadet (or any such “crossgender” strip search), is a Fourth Amendment violation absent an emergency situation. (Byrd v. Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department (9th Cir. 2011) 629 F.3rd 1135, 1140-1147; but see the dissent, pgs. 1147-1154.)

A full body cavity search of a group of 40 to 44 inmates returning to an honor farm from a day’s work furlough was upheld when based upon information that marijuana was being brought into the honor farm. The body cavity searches were conducted by a doctor using an acceptable medical procedure. (People v. West (1985) 170 Cal.App.3rd 326.) X-raying all incoming prisoners being moved from one high-risk prison to a second high-risk prison is lawful. (People v. Pifer (1989) 216 Cal.App.3rd 956.)

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